​Ballistic Plates

The Armor Made With Firefighters In Mind

  • NIJ 0101.6 Certified
  • Level III and IV Rifle Protection
  •  Steel Plates  -  10 year  Ballistic warranty
  • Ceramic Plates  - 5 year Ballistic warranty

  • Special Threat Tested
  • DEA Hard Armor Compliant
  • PE (Polyethylene) Plates  - 10 year Ballistic warranty

Ballistic Gear For Rescue 

Fire Armor Ballistic Systems offers a broad assortment of Hard Armor products. Our advantage lies in our ability to provide products that provide protection against a wide array of threats with the need for reduced weight at the greatest value. Currently we offer one of the largest assortment of Rifle plates in several shapes, sizes and cuts.

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​Ballistic Plates ​FAQ 

What is NIJ Level III Armor?

​What is NIJ Level IV Armor?

Are your Rifle Plates Certified?

What are you Level IV plates made out of?

What is the warranty policy for Steel Rifle Plates?

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