​The First Responder

The Armor Made With Firefighters In Mind

The First Responder is the complete solution for all emergency responders. The First Responder is designed by EMS / Fire Rescue personnel FOREMS / Fire Rescue personnel. Our vest provides the same level of threat protection as that used by Law Enforcement, but WITHOUT the look of a Law Enforcement vest. It was designed around Bunker / Turnout gear that is worn everyday by Fire-Rescue personnel. Fire Rescue and EMS personnel can now be seen as a Medical Response versus a Law Enforcement response. This will also eliminate any confusion while working in the warm zones.

Ballistic Gear For Rescue 

The carrier is very comfortable and designed as a one size fits most. This will alleviate the need to make sure each individual has their own sized vest. When worn in conjunction with our NIJ certified level II or IIIA soft armor panels, this the perfect vest for dangerous domestic calls. By adding NIJ 0101.06 10” x 12” SAPI/ESAPI hard armor plates you have the perfect vest for the Active Shooter / Violent Incident Response. The First Responder Carrier has 70 square inches of reflective tape, to help with identification of personnel in low light situations.

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​The First Responder ​FAQ 

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